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corporate legal affairs

A Corporation (company ) , as the most basic market player, definitely involves many legal issues both internally and externally, such as the issues related to shareholders, equity and corporate governance. Our lawyers mostly came from varid company, such as Lawyer Zhu zhijian had ever served in some large-scale company ,including a High-tech company that the business involving GPS, a listing company which the business involving medicine selling,a famous online games company ,so ,he is very familiarity to corporate legal affairs.

our service itmes including:


Division and merger of a corporation: make and execute the legal solutions for division or merger of a corporation, assist the client in all or part of the legal affairs with regard to the division or merger of their corporations.

Equities M&A: participate in negotiations on equities M&A; carry out due diligence over the target companies and the assets of the targeted company; formulate and execute the plans of equities M&A; draft, review and revise the contracts, articles of association, other relevant legal documents; submit the relevant documents to the Chinese governmental departments for approvals.
Corporation reorganizing: provide advice on reorganizing of equities, assets or debts for clients; formulate legally feasible reorganizing plans; assist clients in the execution of reorganizing plans and coordinate the legal relationships in all aspects of the corporation.
Assets M&A: participate in the negotiations on assets M&A; carry out due diligence over the target company and target assets; formulate and execute the assets M&A plans; draft, review and revise the relevant legal documents; submit the application documents to Chinese governmental departments for approvals.
Corporate governance: design reasonable, well-working corporate governance structure and systems for clients; provide advice and suggestions on the rights and obligations of shareholders, directors and executives; help clients solve problems on corporate governance occurring in the process of operation and management of the corporation.
Investment or financing: participate in the negotiations on investment or financing; carry out due diligence over the target project or the target company; conduct legal research and analysis for the investment or financing projects; provide legally feasible investment plans or financing plans, and assist clients in the execution of the investment and financing plans.
Commercial contracts: assist clients to formulate the basic procedures and management systems of signing and fulfilling contracts; participate in the negotiations on major commercial contracts and draft, review and amend the commercial contracts for clients.

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